Facebook ‘Doppelganger challenge’ brings record usage of phrase “Pfft yeah OK mate”

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Everyone on Facebook is being a little bit bullshitty about who they’ve been told they look like, according to reports this afternoon.

The doppelganger challenge involves posting photos of celebrities, film characters or historical figures that someone has been told they resemble.

“Pfft, yeah, OK mate,” said Steve Greggs, viewing the doppelganger challenge post from his friend, Simon Williams.

“Simon seems to forget that some of his friends have seen him in real life. He’s 5’10”, slightly chubby, bald and gets sunburnt if somebody turns on a light without warning.

“But apparently he’s been told he looks like Jason Momoa, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jason Statham, who don’t even look like each other, and look like Simon even less.

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“So either he’s full of shit or he’s got some very mean friends – of which I’m definitely one but at least I’m not fooling him into thinking he’s Aquaman.

“I was very honest with my post. I basically look like a little bald gherkin. So I just shared three photos of Dominic Cummings.”

Simon Williams said “Poor Steve.

“It’s a shame he lacks so much in confidence, but I suppose not everybody is blessed with the natural, Jason Momoa-esque beauty as I am.”