Man City goalkeeper criticised for making a cheese fondue during Aston Villa game

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Manchester City’s goalkeeper made the most of his ninety minutes of free time while his teammates absolutely battered Aston Villa.

Ederson Santana de Moraes prepared and enjoyed a fabulous cheese fondue during his side’s 6-1 win.

”Can’t blame him. It was either that or have a nap in between the goalposts,” shrugged Aston Villa fan, Simon Williams.

”It was a bit presumptuous of him to have brought a fondue set with him at all, but it was obviously prescient as we were bloody awful and he would have been lucky to spend four minutes on camera anyway.”

”He kind of sighed and put it away when we were awarded a penalty in the 89th minute and I’m pretty sure he let us score out of pity, which is appreciated.”

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Manchester City spokesperson, Jay Cooper, said “Yeah he’s got a few things to keep him occupied during games like this.

“He’s been working at teaching himself the banjo, which I’m sure he’ll break out the next time we play Watford or something.”