If Meghan wants to be left alone she should form a close friendship with a convicted sex offender, explain UK press

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You should only be allowed to step back from your Royal duties if you’ve formed a friendship with a convicted sex offender who allegedly secured underage prostitutes for your enjoyment, according to the British Press this morning.

Stepping back for reasons like ‘you don’t enjoy being a frontline royal’ or ‘the constant press intrusion is too much for our young family’ is completely unacceptable to tabloid editors and gammons-for-hire alike.

Daily Mail reader Derek Williams told us, “I think it’s disgusting that she wants to leave her job. No-one should ever be allowed to leave their job. Especially if their job is being the centre of loads of stories I can read about in the paper.

“This is the worst thing a member of the royal family has ever done, and so it’s right she’s the centre of attention and everyone is angry with her. I’m furious, even though I can’t properly articulate why.

“In many ways, Harry and Meghan wanting to step back from the limelight to try and have a more ordinary life is much worse than befriending a billionaire sex trafficker who allegedly secured you a few underage girls to have sex with.

“I mean, I can totally understand why you’d make friends with a billionaire who got you lots of young prostitutes to play with – who wouldn’t? But what sort of idiot wants to stop being a royal?”

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan is having his opinion again, insisting that women who don’t want to be friends with him anymore deserve everything they get.