“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere” Prince Andrew tells royal family

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After news broke that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan would be stepping down from life as front line royals, Prince Andrew has reassured everyone that he’s not going anywhere.

The idea of stepping back from the royal family and becoming entirely self-supporting is not something Prince Andrew is willing to enforce upon a royal family already reeling from this latest setback.

Royal correspondent Simon Williams-Smythe told us, “Harry is very popular with the public, so Andrew feels that now would not be the right time to announce another hugely popular figure stepping away from his official royal role.

“Yes, Andrew is technically a lowly eighth in line to the throne, behind both Harry and his infant son Archie, but that doesn’t mean he’s expendable. He’s very important. He wants us all to know that. He still has a great deal to offer. He wants us all to know that as well.

“In fact, Andrew’s people have been on the phone this morning asking if Harry stepping away means he gets bumped back up to 6th in line to the throne – he hasn’t been that high since Louis was born.”

Meanwhile, Daily Mail readers across the country have been left completely bamboozled by the idea that a media campaign that fuelled their disdain for a member of the royal family could lead to a member of the royal family not wanting to be a member of the royal family.

As one told us, “Meghan is awful. I know this because the Daily Mail told me so. But we like Harry, for precisely the same reason. Isn’t there some way she could leave and he stays?”