Woman admitted to hospital after enormous overdose of cheese over Christmas

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37-year-old Simone Williams has been admitted to treatment after massively overdosing on cheese over the last week.

Williams, who insisted she could ‘handle it’, took both soft and hard cheeses in a binge that lasted seven days.

Friends said they didn’t believe there was a time over the Christmas period when there was no cheese in her system, and she would often start taking another sort of cheese even before she’d finished the last.

Simone’s dealer, Sainsburys, said that they’d warned her of the dangers.

”We’re used to people going a bit crazy in the cheese aisle but this was something different, something primal”, said a store manager who asked to remain nameless. “It’s like she wanted to try everything – even the Port Salut, which nobody normally buys.”

Friends told us that she would mix her cheeses, sometimes putting two or three different types on the same cracker.

”We told her to stay hydrated, but she thought that meant water biscuits and just went for it harder”, they said.

”Things came to a head when she took a speedball of cheddar, Brie, Stilton and stinking bishop – that sort of mix will screw you up.”