VAR either ruining or perfecting football depending on which team you support

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The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has either killed football stone dead or breathed new life into it, depending on who you ask.

Wolverhampton Wanderers had about sixteen goals disallowed over the weekend while Liverpool were gifted a few following various overturns as a result of VAR reviews.

“It’s shit,” suggested Wolves fan, Simon Williams.

“It’s brilliant,” countered Liverpool fan, Simon Williams (no relation).

VAR operator, Jay Cooper, said, “We thought all football fans would be up for a system where the rules are 100% adhered to and the notion of referees making mistakes was done away with.

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“But now it seems at least half of them would prefer the old-fashioned, fast and loose version of football where you could get away with a cheeky headbutt as long as the ref wasn’t looking.

“But then the other half seem to really like VAR just because a lot of the reviewed decisions end up going their way.

“It’s very strange; it’s almost as if these people or for or against VAR based on how many decisions happen to go for or against their team.

“I can’t believe football fans would be that simplistic in their thinking, but it would explain why Liverpool fans keep sending me picnic baskets while Wolverhampton fans keep sending me dog shit.”