Tears clearly visible on face of colleague who claims to ‘quite like coming in at Christmas’

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There were tears clearly visible on the face of a colleague yesterday as he claimed to ‘actually quite like coming in over Christmas as its quiet and you can really get things done.’

Simon Williams, a computer programmer at LeBon and Taylor, had got a bit overenthusiastic with his annual leave during the warm spell earlier in the year and, consequently, has found himself compelled to come into the office between Christmas and New Year when all right-thinking people are drinking prosecco for breakfast and subsisting on turkey sandwiches and Quality Street toffee pennies.

“I mean, he put on a brave face,” said colleague Eleanor Gay.

“Going on about how it was really quiet and it was a really chilled out atmosphere and he’d probably knock off half an hour early and all that, but really, he was clearly shattered. I don’t even think he knew there were tears streaming down his cheeks.

“I sympathise too. I mean, coming into the office over Christmas? Balls to that. I’ve borrowed my sister’s Twilight and 50 Shades box-sets. I’m not getting off the sofa.”

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It is thought that, to make matters worse, the only other person in the office over Christmas will be the head of department, with whom Mr Williams will be compelled to make small-talk and who will definitely notice if Mr Williams keeps bunking off to the toilet to play Candy Crush.