Cat delighted by all the empty boxes it got for Christmas

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All the empty boxes he got this year have made local cat Mister Shufflebottom incredibly happy, he has revealed.

“If there’s one thing I really love about my owners it’s their instinctive knowledge of just the perfect gift for me”, he told us whilst curled up in a box.

“I mean, how did they know? I don’t say anything. If anything, I’m quite secretive about what I like and dislike,” he added, in direct contravention of observable reality.

Shufflebottom revealed that he simply cannot decide which box is his favourite, and he spent the last few days moving from one to another trying to decide which one was best.

“We didn’t actually get the cat presents,” said Shufflebottom’s owner, Simone. “We don’t have to. He just thinks we do.”

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