Far-right rally at Tottenham stadium marred by footballing outbreak

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Racists have vowed to take the “strongest possible action” after their far-right rally was ruined by a football match between Chelsea and Spurs.

Monkey chants, Sieg Heils and stiff-armed salutes were almost drowned out by the sound of the referee’s whistle as a crucial Premier League fixture kicked off barely twenty feet away.

Despite warnings to both sets of players from the tannoy system that some racism was taking place, the lessons of history went unheeded as players openly flaunted their skin colour right under the noses of indigenous xenophobes, many of whom had children with them.

Football has blighted English racism on a number of occasions this season, most notably when a good-natured monkey gesture aimed at Man United’s “Fred” was overshadowed by a lacklustre defensive performance from reigning champions, Manchester City.

And an enjoyable day of unbridled League Two racism had to be called off in November when Scunthorpe and Forest Green Rovers began kicking a ball around with the intention of scoring a “goal”, while both sets of supporters joined in a rousing rendition of the Horst Wessel song.

The growing climate of football is now threatening the very existence of Saturday afternoon race-hate, with the sight of a banana skin being thrown onto a pitch ruined by the PC zealots and multiculturalists like Owen Jones, Owen Hargreaves and Michael Owen.

In response, bigots everywhere have united behind the #kickfootballoutofracism hashtag , which began trending when the organism known as Gary Neville revealed great wisdom to his billions of followers across the planet.

Racist, Simon Williams, said, “I’m sorry, but when people start accusing Gary Neville of talking good sense, you know things have gone too far.”