Melania Trump’s White House Christmas decorations mainly ‘flesh’

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Melania Trump has unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations which, this year, are largely made of flesh.

The Grand Foyer sees large strips of flesh nailed to the wall, with a good-sized carcass draped artfully over the grand piano.

The East Room sees a spectacular flesh Christmas tree constructed by wrapping thin wire around flesh and then shaping it into the form of a tree.

In a tribute to the spirit of America, the Roosevelt Room contains a flesh replica of the Stars and Stripes.

All the trees in the White House gardens have flesh hung from the branches.

The centrepiece of the entire display is a thirty-foot high mound of flesh on the White House lawn that will burn throughout the Holiday season, giving off a stench of burning flesh that will permeate the air throughout Washington.

“I love to stare at raw flesh,” explained the First Lady, as she shaped her face into an approximation of what she understood to be a smile.

“Sometimes, while my husband is working, I sit in the refrigerated rooms of the kitchens and stare at the carcasses of cows and pigs.

“Hours can pass. Flesh entrances me. Happy Christmas.”

The flesh Christmas decorations follow Mrs Trump’s controversial decision last year to decorate the White House lawn with the rotting body of a dead whale with some tinsel on top.