Wednesday 4 December 2019 by Davytoast

Mandalorian bitterly regretting feeding baby Yoda after midnight

Baby Yoday Gremlin

Letting that adorable little gremlin have a cup of soup after midnight has turned out to be a serious mistake, the Mandalorian has grudgingly admitted today.

Shortly after being given a midnight snack the initially delightful critter began an awful transformation into a hellish little monster whose idea of a good time is to force-choke stuffed toys and Jawas.

“Doctor Pershing said I shouldn’t let it get wet or feed it after midnight, but I thought that was just general baby stuff,” the bounty hunter told us as the transformed…thing… hooted with malicious laughter and flushed vital bits of machinery down the vacc-tube.

“But when the heck am I supposed to feed it? I’m in deep space. It’s always after midnight here.

“I suppose I should have taken it seriously when Greef Carga attacked me for offering it a mug of broth, but I just thought he was being a jerk.

“Guess the joke is on me.”

Turning to the matter at hand, the Mandalorian set about trying to stop the alien delinquent defrosting his carbonate-frozen captives with jolts of lightning from its cute little fingers.

“Laugh it up, fuzzball,” he muttered.

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