Cinema hot dog celebrates eighth anniversary of being put on the griddle

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A cinema hot dog has marked the eighth anniversary of it being taken out of the packaging and put on the rotating griddle to keep it warm and fresh today.

Cinema owners are hopeful that the hot dog, which has been kept rolling to baste in its own juices for almost a decade, will be bought and eaten within the next few years or else it risks going out of date.

“It’s weird to think that ol’ hotty – as we’ve come to call him – has been rolling back and forth in front of customers since before the original Thor movie was released,” said usher Simon Williams.

“There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then, and a lot of grease scooped out of the trap and dripped back on the hot dog to keep his moist.”

“Jeez, we’ve had him for almost as long as the tomato ketchup in the bottom of the bottle behind the counter.”

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Management are confident that the release of the last Star Wars film in December will see the hot dog sold, as after The Last Jedi they reckon that some people will swallow anything.