New Facebook IQ test sees millions of simpletons tricked into posting “I support Boris 100%”

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A new test to determine the IQ of Facebook users has seen millions of idiots tricked into posting “I support Boris 100%” on random Facebook threads.

The programme, designed to see if the British electorate had become any more intelligent over the last few years, asked people if they would be willing to publicly support a well-known lying philanderer who has been fired more times than Donald Trump’s man-servant.

A Facebook researcher told us, “We designed an algorithm to target idiots, looking at their posting activity, the pages they follow. Stuff like ‘have they got a wall full of poorly articulated status updates’, ‘do they follow Katie Hopkins’, and ‘do they think Tommy Robinson is a journalist’ – that sort of thing. That got us our research pool.

“Then we created a fake page to encourage these subjects to post ‘We support Boris 100%’ everywhere they go on Facebook, whether it’s to do with Boris, or not.  The results were completely astounding.

“I’ll be honest, we thought we’d catch a few hundred people willing to do it, but frankly we’re baffled at the number of simpletons online who keep sharing this phrase, seemingly unaware it publicly marks them as a moron.

“We had genuinely hoped people’s awareness of their online susceptibility would have risen after the whole Cambridge Analytica thing, but it seems they can still be tricked into sharing any old shit incredibly easily.

“Even now, as I’m stood here telling them they are identifying themselves as low-information simpletons, they keep on doing it.  Look at the comments below this article.

“Morons, as far as the eye can see…”