Duchess of Cambridge FUMING as Prince George sent home from school for inappropriate haircut

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The Duchess of Cambridge is said to be extremely upset after her son was sent home from school for a contravention of the dress code.

Prince George rocked up to Poshington Private Primary School with a six-inch mohawk in British racing green and was immediately told to go home and return with a more respectable, boring haircut.

“It’s just silly,” fumed the Duchess.

“There aren’t rules in the real world about hair, and nobody knows more about the real world than the royal family.

“Also, I’m not being funny, but he is the future King of England and his hair is British racing green. What’s more patriotic than those two things? The school should be more reasonable.”

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The school’s headmaster, Roger Davis, said “Oh, that’t the royal one is it?

“I’d heard we had one. Sorry, I don’t pay much attention to the backgrounds of our kids. As long as they physically survive their time here and leave being able to read, that’s all we need to keep charging six grand a term.

“That being said, yeah, cut his hair. Cheers.”