Orphaned baby said I was doing a great job, the best, claims Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has spoken of the glowing endorsement he was given by the orphaned baby used in his photo op at an El Paso hospital yesterday.

During his visit the region recently subjected to a mass shooting that killed twenty people, the President said it was great to see so many smiling faces, and that the baby brought back the hospital specifically to meet him had told him he was doing a great job.

Trump told reporters, “He told me I was doing such a great job, the best job of any President they can remember. Lots of orphans are saying it.

“They like what I’m doing for ordinary Americans, and he said I needed to be strong on immigration and get the wall built, which was nice to hear from someone so young. He understands what a great job I’m doing.

“I tried to offer my condolences on losing his parents in the El Paso mass shooting but he said I should just focus on the economy and making America great again.

“He’s such a fine young man. Baby. Whatever.”

White House officials have gone on to clarify that President Trump speaks fluent baby, and was able to translate the gurglings of the small child with ease.

As one insider told us, “If there’s one thing this President knows well, it’s gibberish.

“It should come as no surprise he understood that baby perfectly.  They had a lot in common actually. It turns out they use the same brand of diaper.”