85% of people unable to name previous Prime Minister, finds study

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A shock study has found that 85% of the British public is unable to name the previous Prime Minister.

“Tall chap. Liked Abba. Jeff something?” answered one respondent.

“It is peculiar that very few people seem unable to recall that only two weeks ago, the Prime Minister was a lady called Theresa Gray…sorry, May, I meant Theresa May,” said Simon Williams, Professor of the study of a few weeks ago at Oxford University.

The study revealed that most people believe that Britain’s recent history consists of David Cameron becoming Prime Minister in 2015, then he  broke the country and quit, then everyone was left to sort of muddle along on their own for a while before Boris Johnson became Prime Minister a few weeks ago with the intention of breaking the country again.

“I suppose it is a bit difficult to see the difference between a Theresa May premiership and just sort of muddling on your own for a while, but I am surprised at quite how few people remember her,” explained Professor Williams.

What is not clear from that the study is whether respondents are unable to remember Theresa May because she was as memorable as wallpaper paste or if they are in such a constant state of existential terror about what further catastrophe Johnson intends to wreak on their country that their memory has ceased to function correctly.

“A little of both, I’d imagine,” concluded the professor.