Friday 9 August 2019

Shrinking economy, tumbling pound and rising inflation were on the other bus, insist Leave campaigners

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As the economy shrank 0.2% in the second quarter of the year, Leave campaigners have insisted this was all part of the plan.

With inflation also rising to join the historically low value of the pound and reduced growth forecasts for the British economy over the next twelve months, Brexit supporters have been quick to assert that they told you this was going to happen.

Leave campaigner Simon Williams told us, “The media chose to focus on the bus that said there would be £350m for the NHS, whilst completely ignoring the bus that I drove around the country explaining there would be lower economic growth, a tumbling pound and higher inflation.

“Don’t blame me if your chosen media outlet didn’t the print photos of me standing in front that bus.”

Others in the Brexit camp have explained that everything is actually okay because the nation’s economic growth was too strong while in the EU, the pound was definitely overvalued, and consumer goods were clearly too cheap.

Williams went on, “Sure, when some of those who campaigned with me said stuff like ‘claims of a falling pound, higher inflation and reduced economic growth are all just part of Project Fear’, what they really meant was ‘all that stuff is actually a price worth paying for us to leave the EU’ – which is our position today, obviously.

“Unfortunately, some of you couldn’t be trusted with the truth, sorry about that.

“But if you’re a Leaver who is worried that further economic problems might continue to make Brexit look like a bad idea, please don’t concern yourself – we’ve got another pivot lined up for next year when things really start to go wrong; we’re calling it ‘things are only going sideways because the government handled Brexit really badly’.

“We think you’re really going to like it, particularly if you’re someone who voted to Leave and needs help ignoring everything that makes leaving the EU look like a bad idea.

“You’re most welcome.”

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