‘Storm Area 51’ event removed from Facebook by aliens

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A Facebook event encouraging people to ‘storm’ Area 51 was removed from Facebook for a short period before being reinstated.

Despite protestations from Facebook that the temporary deletion was a mistake, it seems clear now that aliens were responsible.

“Look, there are aliens in Area 51, that’s, like, a fact,” explained Simon Williams, a leading expert on the base who operates from a top-secret basement room under his mum’s house in Chelmsford, Essex.

“If there weren’t any aliens there, then the US Government would let people in to look around so, you know, Q.E.D and that, it’s just basic logic.”

Mr Williams explained why aliens would want the Facebook event removed.

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“Yeah, they probably saw that, because aliens have definitely got the capacity to set up fake Facebook accounts, so the aliens saw that and went ‘Oh no, we’re totally not ready for the human race to find out about us and our secret deal with the Government to anally probe everyone at Area 51, we’ll delete the post using our sophisticated alien technology’.

But it seems that the alien technology wasn’t sophisticated as they thought.

“No, looks like they messed up and only deleted it for a bit instead of doing it permanently so, you know, it just drew everyone’s attention to it.

“The truth is out there… on Facebook, obviously.”