Parent unwittingly gives child a piece of advice that will haunt it for life

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A parent has recently given a child a piece of advice that will go on to haunt it for the remainder of its life.

The comment, given to the child in a careless manner by a parent not thinking of the long-term implications of his words, will go on to form part of the fabric of the child’s being during adulthood, shaping them as a person forever.

The parent, who this article believes to have had a beer in hand when the comment was made, is reported as having told the child something that the child then could not stop thinking about for the remainder of the day, and indeed, looks to not be able to stop thinking about for the remainder of its life.

While the memories of being pushed on the swings, being taken to the zoo and wholesome family Christmases are far from forgotten in the child’s mind, all of the above will now be framed in light of the comment – and all it took was a throwaway comment that the  parent had forgotten within seconds of delivering it.

Cyclically and ironically, studies indicate that the child will, one day, very likely come to make a similar comment to any offspring that they themselves have.

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As such, the very process of attempting to turn away from the legacy of the parent who made the comment will end up turning them into a carbon copy of that very same parent.

But don’t worry, it’s too late, you’ve definitely already made the same comment yourself.