Mass shooter was clearly very mentally ill because he believed all the things I say, insists Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has diagnosed the El Paso mass shooter as ‘very, very seriously mentally ill’, after the killer’s leaked manifesto was shown to be full of Donald Trump’s talking points.

The 21-year-old shooter published a manifesto online shortly before the attack, frequently quoting the sort of immigrant rhetoric that has now become the President’s calling-card.

However, the President has demonstrated his psychology training by diagnosing a man he’s never met as being mentally ill based solely on how many of his own words he took as being the truth.

Trump told reporters, “Clearly this young man is deeply deeply disturbed. Who in their right mind would take the words that I say and believe them to be literally true.  Everyone surely knows that the things I say are just words put out there in front of millions and millions of people and should not to be listened to or acted upon.

“When I describe Mexican immigrants as an ‘invasion’ that needs to be stopped, only someone mentally ill would think that this means we are being invaded by Mexicans and that this invasion needs to be stopped.

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“But what you have to remember, is that I never literally told anyone to go and shoot immigrants. I merely laughed when the audience suggested it, and that difference is really important. My lawyers wanted to make sure I told you that bit.”

Meanwhile, non-simpletons across America have wondered if maybe the President might stop demonising immigrants and using the violent rhetoric that encouraged white supremacist terrorists.

Trump said, “Well, I hear that request, but the words I use clearly work because simpletons keep voting for me, so no. Sorry.”