Amendments can’t be amended, insists NRA supporter with tenuous grasp of English language

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The US Constitution can not be amended, particularly the bits in the second amendment, according to NRA supporters without access to a dictionary today.

As the clamour for gun reform in the US reaches fever pitch, people who really like guns are getting increasingly angry at people suggesting that perhaps it should be a little more difficult to get them.

Texas resident and paid-up NRA member Chuck Williams told us, “It says it right there in the second amendment that I can have a couple of AR-15s in my garage, so you can’t go around amending the constitution just because you don’t like what’s in it.  This is America!

“Can you imagine if our forefathers simply amended the constitution just because they didn’t like what was happening in the country? Where would we be then? Probably Russia!

“You liberal do-gooders with your ‘wanting to change things for the better’, you just don’t get that this is America and we LIKE it how it is, that’s why the constitution hasn’t been amended once since it was written over two-hundred years ago.”

Chuck was then politely reminded that there have been twenty-seven – yes, twenty-seven – amendments to the constitution since it was first ratified in 1788, the most recent being in 1992.

After several minutes of staring blankly at the wall and lots of confused blinking, Chuck said, “Just because the thing I said can’t be changed has been changed a lot, doesn’t mean it needs to be changed again.

“In fact, I bet those twenty-seven changes were for things I don’t care about, which means they don’t matter.

“Checkmate libtard!”