Furious Labour supporters slam 1987 edition of Top of the Pops for ‘anti-Corbyn bias’

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Supporters of Labour have launched a furious attack on the BBC for a 1987 episode of Top of the Pops which, they say, displayed a clear anti-Corbyn bias.

Top of the Pops was a Thursday evening television mainstay in the eighties that saw people with enormous hair miming their pop hits in front of an audience of twelve and some Radio 1 DJs who may or may not have been paedophiles.

The past is a different country.

“It is typical of the BBC or the bloody biased channel, as I call it,” explained Simon Williams, a man who loves Jeremy Corbyn so much, he changed his name to Jeremy Corbyn. But his mum made him change it back.

“There was Bananarama, Rick Astley, T’Pau, even Spagna, but was there any mention of Jeremy Corbyn or his progressive ideas for this country? No, and we all know why, because the establishment is terrified of a politician with principles.

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“It’s not just that 1987 edition of Top of the Pops either, there was an episode of Porridge on the other night, on the same day that Jeremy did a speech in a car park in Corby. No mention of the speech at all, just lots of stuff about Fletcher setting up a poker game and the prison officers trying to stop him.

“There was nothing about Jeremy Corbyn on this morning’s weather forecast, either.

“It’s a ruddy disgrace.”

The BBC has yet to comment on the furore.

Probably because they are a fundamentally pro-Tory organisation dedicated to the suppression of free speech.