Furious KKK sues Donald Trump for copyright infringement

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The Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist organisation for people whose family tree is a bamboo, has filed a lawsuit against the US President citing the blatant theft of their intellectual property and accusing him of plagiarising their chants and copying their rallies.

Tucker Williams, the Klan’s Grand Wizard, told the press his organisation had not wished to go to court but that Donald Trump’s ever-increasing copyright violations left them no choice.

He told reporters, “I was a supporter of Donald Trump from the early days. I knew from the way he treated black tenants that he was one of us. But everybody knows that a crowd of semi-literate angry white trash chanting hateful slurs towards ethnic minorities is our thing. And whipping up racial hatred then standing there like a pompous buffoon while it peaks has been the preserve of Grand Wizards since the birth of the Klan.

“We don’t want him to stop, far from it. But we do want credit when it’s due. We have been saying that non-white people are not true Americans for decades. He’s selling his MAGA hats on the back of our brand. He can either stop, or give us a piece of the action. I mean, do we wait until he starts setting fire to crosses before we object?”

Mr Trump’s team quickly responded to the lawsuit by saying it was utterly without merit. As explained White House counsel Clint Tinnock.

“This is just an attempt from an outfit with low ratings to cash in on Donald Trump’s amazing success at harnessing bigotry. Anyone who has seen this president’s rallies knows that mindlessly yelling hateful chants is part and parcel of the experience and always has been.”