Let’s spend more money killing foreigners, says man who killed British people by slashing NHS funding

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Jeremy Hunt has pledged to increase defence spending by £15bn over the next five years, leading many to aks where this desire to invest was hiding when he was Health Secretary?

After Iranian boats tried to impede a British oil tanker in the Gulf, Jeremy Hunt has promised to reverse cuts to the size of the Royal Navy if he becomes prime minister. This comes after an earlier promise to boost defence funding by £15bn.

The Tory leader hopeful explained his rationale.

“Well we all hate foreigners don’t we?” said the Foreign Secretary.

“I believe the primary role of government is to show outsiders who’s boss by spending shitloads on cool stuff like boats and helicopters. That’s what the British electorate want us to spend their money on.

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“£15bn sounds like a lot but it can easily be paid for with the £22bn cuts I made to the NHS when I was Health Secretary.”

Hunt tapped his forehead. “You see? Always thinking ahead.”

Nurse Simon Williams offers a different perspective.

“Jeremy Hunt slashed 15,000 NHS beds, reducing our hospital capacity by five million patients a year,” he said.

“A&E targets haven’t been met for five years, we’re short of about 40,000 nurses thanks to real-term pay cuts and almost every NHS hospital is now operating at a deficit.

“This isn’t hyperbole – British people are dying because of Hunt and all he wants to do is increase Ministry of Defence spending.

“Are all Tories psychopaths who just want to kill as many people as possible?

“Yeah OK, stupid question.”