British Ambassador to US accused of being a dangerously shrewd judge of character

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The British Ambassador has today been criticised for his dangerously accurate assessment of the affairs inside the White House.

In a series of leaked emails, the Ambassador can be seen demonstrating his excellent observational skills by describing the White House administration as “diplomatically clumsy and inept”, and stating that he doubted the Trump administration would “ever look competent”.

As one British government official told us, “What Sir Kim Darroch has clearly shown is that his eyes, ears and brain all work in perfect harmony when it comes to assessing what he sees and hears in his day-to-day dealings with the Trump White House.

“Clearly the man is as sharp as a tack, and the fact that his close personal experience of Donald Trump tallies exactly with what everyone perceives from the outside, is further confirmation that he is a shrewd operator clearly suited to diplomacy on the international stage.

“When he described the President’s approach to Iran as being ‘incoherent, chaotic’, that could only have come as a surprise to someone who has not picked up a paper or watched any news in the last six months.

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“Overall, as a nation, we should be delighted to have such competent and observant officials representing us overseas.”

“People can criticise what he wrote in those leaked emails all they like, but frankly, if they had said that Donald Trump was at the head of a finely tuned machine and clearly on top of all of the United States’ issues, we would have had to recall him in order to have him sectioned.”