Right-wing crackpots to become number one British export

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Britain will become the world’s largest exporter of embarrassing nutters by 2025, new studies have revealed.

Independent studies have revealed that post-Brexit, the British economy will rely heavily on financial services, weapons exports and delusional nut jobs who see themselves as some kind of freedom fighter.

Lars Van Dervelt of the European Economic Forum told reporters, “Crackpots are only found in certain political climates, so for most countries importing is much cheaper than cultivating their own.

“We have been thoroughly impressed by the performance of your crackpots in our European Parliament so far, displaying a grand tradition of privilege, uncalled for aggression and a complete lack of self-awareness. What a shame for you that embarrassment isn’t a currency.

“British crackpots are the best in the world at what they do, well, perhaps second only to the Americans, and they are in high demand throughout Europe.

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“Well actually, no, that’s not really the case, but you’re going to keep sending them our way anyway, aren’t you?”