Jacob Rees-Mogg caught on video speaking with cockney accent, swigging lager, offering fight

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NewsThump has obtained a video which appears to show noted posh person Jacob Rees-Mogg speaking in a broad cockney accent, swigging lager from a can and threatening to fight another man.

The video appears to be of some form of private celebration in a working class area of London, and Mr Rees-Mogg can be seen clad in white trainers, combat shorts and a 2014 Millwall away shirt.

“Oi, Oi, you soppy f**king melts, it’s Jakey-boy in the house,” exclaims Mr Rees-Mogg as he enters the kitchen from the garden.

He stubs out what appears to be a large hand-rolled cigarette of some sort before lighting a Benson and Hedges cigarette or ‘straight’ as he refers to it.

It’s clear that Mr Rees-Mogg feels comfortable in this milieu, and even has a grasp of complex tier three cockney rhyming slang such as ‘elephant and tusk’ which means trousers, for some reason.

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After several minutes of amusing football-based banter and a jocular but failed attempt to kiss one of the women present, there is a brief moment of unpleasantness when someone spills Mr Rees-Mogg’s can of lager.

“Did you spill my beer? You spilt my beer. You spilt my f**king beer, you f**king c**t,” he shouts.

Another man can be seen stammering an apology, and the tension in the room is palpable, but then Mr Rees-Mogg starts laughing.

“F**king joking you poncey c**t.”

The other man laughs, but the relief on his face is clear.

The video ends shortly afterwards.

It seems, from evidence in the video, that the public persona of Jacob Rees-Mogg, the well-to-do, privately educated lifelong Tory, is a lie and he is, in fact, Jakey-boy Mogger, a convicted fraudster from Barking.

The police have been informed and we can only assume that Mr Rees-Mogg will be arrested for impersonating an MP imminently.