Frank Lampard starts new temp job on the Fulham Road

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Frank Lampard has today started a new temporary job on the Fulham road working for Chelsea football club.

Lampard, who spent last year managing Derby County is said to be excited by the opportunity, even though the role is only likely to last a couple of months.

He told the gathered press, “I was only looking for a bit of temp work to fill in the next few months, so the job as manager of Chelsea was perfect.  No long term commitments and I’ll likely be free to look for some lucrative seasonal work in commentary over Christmas.

“I’m obviously hoping to improve as a manager, and a brief stint at Chelsea can probably help with that.

“Obviously I’ll do my best for the short time I’ll be here, but it’s nice to go into a job knowing I won’t be there very long. Quite liberating in fact.”

Chelsea officials admitted they were hoping to secure Lampard on a rolling 45-minute contract – with the option to extend it to 90 minutes if they are winning at half-time – but conceded they were happy to sign him on a temporary basis rather than not at all.

As one Chelsea board member told us, “Frank Lampard is one of the brightest young managers around, and we couldn’t be happier to have him as our manager.

“Well, until he loses a game, or someone we like better comes along, or until he wears a suit we don’t like – because then he’s toast. Obviously.

“But until then, we’re all delighted.”