‘It’s easy to have great chemistry with like-minded totalitarian despots’ insists Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has spoken of his great chemistry with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, insisting he finds he always gets on famously with totalitarian despots.

After facing criticism for handing yet another PR victory to the notoriously insular North Koreans in return for nothing whatsoever, President Trump said he didn’t care and the Kim was someone he liked and admired.

Trump told the gathered press, “You know what they don’t have in North Korea? Fake News. Kim has done such a wonderful job of making sure the media over there only reports a truthful version of events. They talk so well of all the great things he’s doing. We could really take a leaf out of his book in the United States.

“I’m not saying America should be exactly like North Korea, I’m just saying America would be great again if you all started treating me the way North Koreans treat Kim.

“Did you also know that his people are all perfectly happy and he has a 100% approval rating, which is far better than that loser Obama. Obama would have killed for numbers like that.

When it was pointed out that Kim Jong-un literally has killed for numbers like that, Trump angrily shouted, “That’s more fake news!

“And just because one of those killed was a US citizen that everyone knows about doesn’t make it any more real.”

It is expected that North Korea will continue saying nice things that America wants to hear, but doing absolutely nothing, just as long as Donald Trump is stupid enough to keep giving them free validation on the International stage.