All-female World Cup proves, once again, that it’s men who face real discrimination

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Unbeknownst to many, on the more esoteric channels of the BBC, a football World Cup has been taking place, but it’s not a normal World Cup; it’s a World Cup for women only.

“I called the Women’s World Cup authorities and pretended to be a man,” said Simon Williams, a man.

“I then asked if Lionel Messi could play in the Women’s World Cup. I was told that he couldn’t, but not because he wasn’t good enough, but because he was a man.

“That’s Lionel Messi, the greatest player of all-time, and he is banned from playing simply because he is a man.

“It’s 2019 for God’s sake. This is a disgrace.”

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The Women’s World Cup is designed explicitly to exclude men, with all players and officials being women and the vast majority of pundits and management teams being women.

In fact, the only man seen with any regularity is Phil Neville and, obviously, no one takes him seriously.

It is thought that the BBC with its openly anti-men, pro-terrorist paedophile acid attack agenda will face further criticism for being associated with such a blatantly discriminatory enterprise.

“And rightly so,” continued Mr Williams.

“Imagine if you’re a little boy and you love football and you turn on the TV at this specific moment in time, all you’re going to see is women. You’re going to assume that football is a big women-only club and go off and become a successful businessman or surgeon instead.”

The so-called Women’s World Cup will run until mid-July and proves that, as is ever the case, men just can’t get a break.