Nigel Farage slams Nigel Farage for stating he ‘would pick up a rifle’

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Nigel Farage has launched a furious attack on Nigel Farage for stating that he would ‘pick up a rifle’ if Brexit wasn’t delivered. He made the comments two years ago at a private function in Southampton.

Mr Farage claimed that the statement was an incitement to violence and that the police should definitely look into the matter.

“This sort of behaviour is completely disgusting,” said Mr Farage.

“I am sick to death of these so-called politicians like Nigel Farage who think it is acceptable to threaten gun violence in this day and age.

“These self-appointed moral superiors who think that they are allowed to say whatever they like without regard to the consequences.

“I would hope the police come down on him like a tonne of bricks.”

Despite Mr Farage’s criticism, the police have no plans to launch an investigation into Mr Farage’s statements.

“No, this is not a matter for the police,” explained a spokesperson.

“Obviously, if it had been a comedian who was making a joke, during the broadcast of a comedy show, that was then deliberately misconstrued as an incitement to violence then we would waste no time investigating the matter – but as this was Nigel Farage at a political rally he’s pretty much allowed to say whatever he likes.”

Nigel Farage hit back immediately.

“It’s a disgrace that the police won’t get involved, if it were up to me, people like Nigel Farage should be strung up.”

It is expected that Nigel Farage will later launch a stinging attack on Nigel Farage for calling for Nigel Farage to be strung up.