Prince of Whales issues statement after talks with President Trump

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“On behalf of the cetacean community, I’m always delighted to reach out to the less intelligent species”, the Prince of Whales has said in a statement.

Spokesminnow for the Prince said he met plankton on a daily basis and had been delighted to sit down with their natural leader.

Trump was reported to be ‘very impressed’ by both a ruined castle and a chest of pirate treasure in the Prince’s underwater realm.

The Prince of Whales met with the President of the United States in a multilateral conference with the Queen of Dolphins and the Duke of Squid to discuss a trade deal on imports of krill.

“The president was very concerned about Atlantic Cod entering US territorial waters without a visa, and threatened to ‘do us like a kipper’ if we didn’t do something to prevent it,” the Prince told reporters.

“He issued a very strenuous warning that if the sea didn’t do what he wanted he would use Presidential powers to order the tide to go back, and if that didn’t work he’d look at building a sea wall.

“Fortunately, like many of the subjects in my realm, he’ll have forgotten all of this after thirty seconds.”

When asked, Sarah Saunders said the President would be meeting Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salmon next.