Massive snowflake demands end to free speech over joke he didn’t like

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Nigel Farage has demonstrated his snowflake credentials by insisting the police get involved because someone told a joke he didn’t like.

Nigel took offence after a comedian made a joke on a comedy show on a radio station that focusses on comedy, insisting that jokes now constitute hate speech and are there to incite violence.

“Jo Brand made a joke about replacing milkshakes the milkshakes thrown at far-right figures with battery acid, and so she should go to prison,” Farage told reporters with a straight face.

“Anyone who looks at my record can see I’m a true believer in free speech, but not when it’s jokes I don’t like, or when there are political points to be scored. Then I’m all for getting the police involved.”

When it was pointed out that Nigel himself had said he’d pick up a rifle if Brexit was thwarted, he insisted that wasn’t supposed to be taken literally, and so is completely different.

“Jo Brand literally wants to throw battery acid at people like me, you can tell she definitely wants to do that by the way she chose a comedy show to talk about it.  Whereas I spoke about picking up a rifle at a political rally, where everyone knows the words spoken aren’t supposed to be taken seriously.

“They are totally different. Yes they are. Shut up.”

Brexit Party supporter Simon Williams told us, “Nigel has a point, free speech has its limits, and those limits are making jokes we don’t like.

“Yeah, we could have just not laughed at the joke and then moved on with our day, but then no-one would know we are just a bunch of crybaby hypocrites.”