Queen accused of sending subtle ‘coded message’ to Donald Trump with her choice of hats

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Her Majesty has courted controversy today after critics suggested her choice of hats was a calculated comment on the US president during his state visit.

The Queen’s choice of clothing has, in the past, been interpreted as a mechanism for expressing opinions usually denied to the monarch – including an emerald green dress on a visit to Ireland and a blue and gold hat after the EU referendum.

It is suggested that her choice of a hat with ‘TWAT’ picked out in flowers and a siren which blows a raspberry every time Trump speaks has a hidden message which royal-watchers around the country are keen to decode.

“It can be difficult to know what the Queen is thinking, so you have to pick up on subtle cues like the large, motorised, rotating middle finger on the brim of her headwear,” said Simon Prince-Williams, NewsThump’s Royal Correspondent.

“Royal protocol dictates that she keep her political views to herself when in public, so we’re left to speculate over the reasons for her choice of a broach that looks eerily similar to the Trump balloon that flew over London.

“Is this coincidence, or is Her Majesty trying to communicate with her subjects. What is she trying to say here? Perhaps we will never know.”

When asked for comment, Buckingham Palace said that the tradition of greeting foreign potentates with hand gestures and cries of ‘TWAT’ dated back to at least the Battle of Agincourt, and it was intended to share with the President some of the British history he claims to love so much.