Man adds ‘built like a champion boxer’ to Tinder profile

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A 28-year-old Basingstoke man has updated his Tinder profile after Andy Ruiz Jnr’s victory over Anthony Joshua at the weekend.

Simon Williams has been on the dating app for a few months, but has described his experience to date as ‘not great’, but insisted Joshua’s shock defeat had created something of an opportunity for normal looking people like him.

He explained, “Yeah, to be honest, it’s not been quite the wall-to-wall single women I’d been promised by friends who use it.

“I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m competing with walking six-packs, and biceps with bleached teeth. It seems that women prefer physical specimens. That’s fair enough – and I now embrace that concept, because as of this weekend I have the physique of the top boxer on the planet.  That’s going to get me a few more swipes in my favour, right?”

Williams went on to explain that he was careful not to oversell in his profile, which could leave potential dates disappointed when they meet.

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He said, “It says ‘Built like’ – not ‘As fit as’. I’ll break into a sweat if I carry too much stuff back from the fridge, never mind boxing Anthony Joshua for 25 minutes in spangly shorts and gold gloves.

“But women love boxer’s physiques, right? It’s like swimmers. Same thing. But I don’t see a Ruiz Jnr doppelganger winning gold in the 50m Freestyle anytime soon. So boxing it is for me.

“I’m just saying I’ve got his physique – and I got to look this way without working out at all.

“So if anything, that makes me Ruiz Jnr’s superior.”