Corbyn and McDonnell caught teasing Tom Watson with a second referendum on a string

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Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have been caught on CCTV teasing Tom Watson by dangling a mock referendum paper on a string over his head before suddenly jerking it away as he excitedly approaches.

The prank follows Watson’s calls for Labour to back a second referendum every time anyone even coughs in the House of Commons.

“Yeah, alright, that was us,” said Labour leader Jeremy Mr Corbyn from deep inside Labour Party Headquarters.

“It started by accident, didn’t it Jez?” chipped in McDonnell, “I’d do my normal thing of leaking to the press there was a big announcement coming– and then they’d all be like ‘second referendum, second referendum, Labour to back a people’s vote’.”

“And then I’d go out in the morning to speak to the press,” continued Corbyn “and I would say that we are committed to giving the people….a general election! Ha ha!”

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“Tom went mental!” spluttered McDonnell, tears already streaming down his face.

“The ballot on a string thing started on the first floor above the front door. We made a mock-up referendum with the questions and everything, and John says ‘hey, there’s Tom coming down the street’.”

“He can’t half jump, eh Jez?” added the Shadow Chancellor, “Do you think that’s how he lost so much weight so quickly?”

Bullying culture expert Professor Simon Von Williams commented, “But it was funny, right? Did you see his little tummy going up and down?”

John and Jez are next in line to take over from Ant and Dec when they grow too young.