‘Insufficient evidence’ is the new ‘total exoneration’, confirms Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump has confirmed that ‘complete exoneration’ is now shorthand for ‘insufficient evidence’ in the United States.

The nation’s most orange head of state in history took to Twitter to hit back at Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s surprise public statement on his report into Russian interference in the presidential election.

And less than three months after claiming the report had left him ‘totally exonerated’ of any wrongdoing, Trump now claims ‘insufficient evidence’ is just as clear.

A White House insider said, “When the President claimed he had been completely cleared, he was completely clear that ‘completely cleared’ meant ‘they don’t have enough to pin it on me’.

“That’s the great thing about America – a big-mouth billionaire can pretty much say what he wants, and as long as enough people don’t have the wit to question it he can not only stay out of the courtroom but he can get elected to the highest office in the land.

“The president now just wants to wants to draw a line under this whole episode and focus on the main priorities of the time in office, namely playing golf, being offensive on Twitter and not building the border wall that he pretty much based his whole election campaign on.”