Brexit supporters happy to sacrifice other people’s jobs to secure Brexit, finds survey

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A new survey has revealed that Brexit supporters would be perfectly happy to deal with the consequences of other people losing their jobs if it means securing Brexit.

The survey was taken after the collapse of British Steel in Scunthorpe last week, which was caused in part by issues surrounding Brexit.

“Brexit is the most important political issue in our country right now,” said one respondent who chose to remain nameless.

“If securing Brexit for the nation means that some other people who I don’t know have to lose their jobs, then I’m prepared to make that sacrifice.

“I think most people like me are prepared to accept that.”

The survey also revealed that Brexit supporters would accept a drop in other people’s living standards if it meant Britain leaves the EU.

Simon Williams is a Brexit supporter who is, apparently, not stupid and knew exactly what he was voting for.

He told reporters, “Look, people will have to make sacrifices and they should be prepared to do so in order to back the democratic will of the people.”

When asked if he would personally be prepared to make the sacrifice of losing his job or lowering his living standard, he was optimistic.

“Oh, I don’t see that happening,” he laughed. “It’s more about what the other people will have to go through, and they survived the Blitz, so they’ll be fine.”

The survey did produce one anomalous conclusion, though. Apparently, people in Scunthorpe are less keen on jobs being sacrificed to secure Brexit.