Labour leader who voted against Labour more than 500 times introduces zero-tolerance on voting against Labour

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The Labour leader who voted against Labour more than 500 times in parliament has introduced a zero-tolerance approach on voting against Labour.

Labour, whose leader Jeremy Corbyn voted repeatedly against the party whip during his time as a back-bencher, has expelled former spin-doctor Alistair Campbell for voting for the Liberal Democrats in the European elections.

A spokesman for Momentum denied that Corbyn had drafted Campbell’s expulsion letter on his first day as leader and had just been waiting for a flimsy excuse to send it.

“People might say this is the height of hypocrisy from a man who made a career out of voting against the Labour leadership on points of principle,” said the spokesman.

“But that is just nonsense.

“The position of the leadership is clear. Jeremy is a man of principle and those who disagree with him don’t have principles, they have issues.”

Critics have claimed the rapid expulsion of Campbell is particularly notable after the party’s sluggish response to claims of antisemitism.

But Corbyn’s spokesman was quick to deny those claims, too.

“We’ve heard suggestions that booting out this traitor to socialism within a couple of days of his ‘offence’ when we took months to do pretty much nothing over antisemitism is proof that Labour cares more about an ideological purge of anyone who worked for T**y B***r than it does about being inclusive or coming up with anything coherent on Brexit,” he said.

“But again, that is clearly nonsense.

“The fact is that Jeremy is a ‘proper socialist’, and proper socialists have the monopoly on righteousness and wisdom.

“It is impossible for Jeremy to be complicit in antisemitism because he knows all the words to The Red Flag.

“And it is crazy to suggest he is an awful leader of the Opposition because he really hates big corporations and people who make profit.”