Donald Trump convinced Roe vs Wade was legendary 1970’s Wimbledon final

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Roe vs Wade was an outstanding tennis match featuring Virginia Wade and someone called Roe, rather than an important piece of abortion legislature, according to Donald Trump.

The US president has fond memories of the 1977 encounter between Betty Roe and the celebrated British Number One, in which Wade eventually secured a hard-fought victory after losing the first set 6-4.

While women in Alabama lost the ability overnight to terminate unwanted pregnancies following a challenge to the landmark Roe vs Wade ruling, Trump went on CNN to recall a hazy summer, which he spent on his sofa trying to peer up the skirt of Chris Evert.

Trump said, “Ginny was such an elegant player and she had the best return of serve in the business. A tremendous lady with great thighs. Awesome. Truly.”

“I’ll never forget that controversial line call in the fourth game of the final set and the low-cut top she was wearing when she politely challenged the umpire.”

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Meanwhile, President Trump backed a decision to overturn what he referred to as the Borg vs McEnroe ruling, in which a state law banning abortions, except where there was a clear danger to the life of the mother, was deemed unconstitutional.

He added, “Borg McEnroe is a slur on motherhood and an incitement to violence against the unborn foetus. It’s important we live by God’s law – and He says that all life is sacred – which is why I always wore protection during my many sexual encounters outside of marriage.

“Besides, there’s no way that ball was out.”