Brexit Party policy just the word ‘Brexit’ spelt incorrectly in all-caps

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The Brexit Party policy has been discovered scrawled on the back of a beer mat in a pub Nigel Farage had used for his breakfast pint of Ruddles.

The document revealed that the sole policy of The Brexit Party is ‘BEXIT.’

It is expected that the all-caps nature of the document indicates shouting, because it’s Brexit supporters so why wouldn’t there be shouting? It was also spelt incorrectly because it’s Brexit supporters so why wouldn’t it be spelt incorrectly?

Brexit supporters approved of the policy.

“Yeah. Brexit!” shouted Simon Williams, a Brexit supporter who once read something.

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“There is nothing more to say than ‘BREXIT”

Mr Williams was reminded that it was actually ‘BEXIT’

“Well, yeah, but Nigel’s a busy man, you can’t be expecting him to have time to write the letter ‘R’ every time he writes something.

Mr Williams seemed unsure as to how the Brexit Party would implement its policy of ‘BEXIT’

“Well, if we get loads and loads of votes then the Government would have to listen to us and do Brexit,” he claimed, seemingly unaware that ‘doing Brexit’ was exactly what the Government has been doing for the past three years.

It was also unclear how the Brexit Party would use any EU parliamentary seats it won to implement its policy.

“Doesn’t matter, just ‘BREXIT’” shouted Mr Williams, confusingly, before running off.

It is thought that Mr Williams is being considered as a Brexit Party spokesperson as this was the most coherent explanation of their policy yet given.