New members join AC-12 in last ditch attempt to unmask H

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AC-12 has recruited surprise new members to help unmask the mysterious H in tonight’s concluding episode of Line of Duty, we can exclusively reveal.

The team has spent years trying to unmask H, who viewers speculate may be either DS Kate Fleming or old Mister Willikins the fairground owner.

“H has spent years trying to frighten coppers away from investigating him so he can help himself to all the evidence, and we’re still no closer to working out whether it’s Gill Biggeloe or creepy Mister Franklyn the janitor who hides out in the spooky basement”, we were told.

“The new team members have extensive experience in unmasking anonymous villains, but we don’t advise our new recruits to go looking in any fridges when looking for ingredients for one of their gigantic sandwiches.”

When asked why Scrappy-Doo wasn’t joining the team, a spokesman said they’d already got Steve Arnott.

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