You lost, get over it, Thanos tells Avengers

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Thanos has dismissed proposals for a ‘second click’ of the Infinity Gauntlet as a move by poor losers who just can’t accept defeat this morning.

Thanos, the Mad Titan who loves Death, destroyed half of everything people had worked their entire lives for in the belief that this would be a liberating experience for the survivors and they should be grateful.

When invited to reconsider his actions, Thanos explained that what he had done was for your own good if you’d only see that – and if you don’t accept it he’d rather tear down and destroy everything than consider he might have been wrong or make one inch of compromise.

“I thought that life would thrive afterwards,” he told the Avengers. “That would you move into a larger, better world.

“But instead you just sit around blaming me for the desolate wasteland I created against your wishes, and now you want another go to try and undo my great work.

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“Don’t think about what you have lost – but listen when I tell you what you might gain if you all do as you’re told rather than have your own opinions.”

When asked if having a ‘second click’ would lead to Civil War, Thanos said not to be stupid as that was the sequel to Winter Soldier a few years back.