Twitter adds vital new ‘report spoiler’ function ahead of Avengers: Endgame release

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Twitter is to increase support for its users by adding what it describes as ‘vital’ new functionality ahead of the release of Avengers: Endgame.

The social media platform is understood to be concerned by the potential of widespread abuse and unwanted comments in the coming weeks, and so has moved to protect the public from seeing damaging and harmful content like which Avenger dies in the upcoming film.

“People use Twitter to keep informed, but not that well informed, let’s be honest”, CEO Jack Dorsey told reporters. “And there’s a real danger rogue elements might attempt to ruin the experience of going into the new film cold out of childish spite.”

“There’s things we don’t believe people don’t want to see, like Avengers spoilers, the people they’ve actually followed, or opinions they disagree with so we’re working hard to ensure those things simply don’t appear in your feed and are easily dealt with if they do.”

“We’ve taken on additional administration staff dedicated to supporting the new reporting feature, to ensure that posts spoiling the film get the fastest banhammer.”

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“Or should that be BanMjolnir?”

When asked, Twitter confirmed that they are continuing to improve the user experience of the service, but that won’t include banning Nazis or adding an edit feature any time soon.