Wednesday 24 April 2019

Man determined to challenge hypothesis that ‘Man can not live on Easter Eggs alone’

Man eating chocolate bunnies

Despite it being three full days since Easter, Simon Williams has still yet to eat anything other than Easter eggs since Sunday morning.

The 35-year-old Basingstoke resident told us, “The plus side of a big family is lots of eggs at Easter. You could spread them out over a few weeks if you wanted to, but I prefer to eat one for every meal until they are gone, or I am.

“This morning I had a large Creme Egg Easter Egg for Breakfast, the whole egg and the two small ones in the bottom of the box. That’s a hearty way to start the day.

“For lunch, I had a KitKat one, because I wasn’t that hungry.  Tonight I’m planning to treat myself to the big Thornton’s one the missus got for me, with a side of mini egg leftovers from last night’s dinner.

“I still have about a dozen eggs left, and four large Lindt bunnies, so I should be good until the weekend at the very least.”

Nutritionists have insisted that a diet of Easter eggs is likely to induce a number of health-related issues, likening his experiment to Morgan Spurlock eating nothing but McDonald’s for a year in his documentary Supersize Me, a comparison that angered Williams.

He told us in no uncertain terms, “I am nothing like that shyster. Fries are a vegetable, and they put all sorts of salad in the burgers. That is cheating on an epic scale.

“I am a puritan – it’s chocolate, or dipped in chocolate, or surrounded in chocolate, or it doesn’t go in my mouth.

The nutritionists concluded, “We’d like to think someone will have a word and stop him, but in all honesty, we’re kind of interested to see how this goes.

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