‘Line of Duty’ jargon to get its own spin-off series

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A ‘Line of Duty’ spin-off is to include record levels of capital letters.

The new series, called LOD:MAAPCT (Line of Duty: Metropolitan Abbreviations, Acronyms, Portmanteaus and Contractions Team) is to premier next year.

The programme will boast twelve episodes of totally impenetrable department-speak, with ad breaks every ten minutes so that viewers can frantically Google everything they’ve just heard.

Series writer Simon Williams told interviewers, “You see the UCO gets involved after a routine RTA on the M25 leads back to some former lags that are supplying PCP out of SW1.

“Then the UCO thinks ‘Aye aye? IC9 ID? Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.’ But then is the SOCO he’s just seen on the scene a real one, or an imposter with the ICU, you see?

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“One of the great joys of writing LOD is that you can spoon feed a relatively simple plot to viewers over an hour while simultaneously keeping them as confused as possible.”

Production is said to be already behind schedule by two months, as scriptwriters were forced to copy everything out in long hand.