Helping someone guess a password is much worse than rape, insists US government

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The UK has come under diplomatic pressure to extradite Julian Assange to the US and not Sweden so as to face accusations that he helped Chelsea Manning get around a password, because that is apparently much worse than sex without consent.

Foreign Affairs correspondent for the Guardian, Simon Williams, said that diplomatic realities would be the key factor of whether Julian Assange got sent to the USA or Sweden.

He explained, “Assange is already charged with contempt of court and absconding in the UK. But now the Justice Minister will face competing claims from Sweden and the US. One for two cases of rape and sexual assault and the other for telling Chelsea Manning to type 123456789 in the password box and hope for the best.”

Mr Williams was asked if the British government would consider the merits of each case before deciding what do do with Assange.

He went on, “Just how naive are you? When’s the last time British Foreign Policy gave a stuff about justice?

“Sajid Javid let a British baby die in a refugee camp just because he wanted to be seen as a potential leader of the Tory Party.

“Boris Johnson, a serial philanderer, has left a British woman to rot in an Iranian jail out of sheer laziness to check his facts before speaking.

“We can either send Assange to a progressive democratic country to face the two women he is accused of assaulting, or we could deliver him to a man who boasted of grabbing women’s genitalia and who thinks torture is brilliant.

“Yeah, of course he’s off to Washington.”