Opinion: Theresa May’s deal is worse than remaining in the EU, so I have no choice but to support it

author avatar by 5 years ago

As an MP, it is my solemn responsibility to do the absolute best for both my constituents and my country; which is why when faced with an option I’ve clearly said is worse than EU membership I am honour bound to vote for it.

I have, until yesterday, described the deal as ‘a steaming pile of dogshit which condemns the country I love to being subjected to an eternity of slavery and only a traitor would consider it’, and it is for that reason that I must now vote for it.

Many times, on well-paid appearances on chat shows, question time, and in articles for The Times and The Daily Telegraph, I have observed that if the choice is between this deal and remaining in the EU, then the country would be far better served in every single way by remaining in the EU – but I now believe the best way to serve my country is to do the exact opposite of what I said.

I am a patriot at heart, who believes in the bold spirit and great future of the British people and the best way to secure this future and maintain my honour and dignity is to vote for something which only last week I said would ‘smother the bold spirit and great future of the British people’.

There may be some who feel that I am letting them down in doing exactly what I spent the last six months steadfastly insisting I would not do.

To them, I can only apologise and say that I have come late to the realisation that an extensive Latin vocabulary looks impressive, but it turns out that it is fuck-all use in the real world.

Quidquid agis, prudenter agas, et respice finem.