After nearly three years of hard work Parliament finally whittles Brexit options down to the best 16

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MPs are finally coming to the end of the Brexit process after whittling down the remaining options to just sixteen.

After three years of planning, negotiations and debates, it appears MPs are finally ready to announce their Brexit strategy is down to one of sixteen proposed options.

Conservative backbench MP Simon Williams told us, “Think of how many possible versions of Brexit there were when we voted to Leave in 2016 – so I think it’s something of an achievement to have that down to sixteen just three short years later.

“It’s a testament to the work done by the Department for Exiting the EU, and the ministers who’ve held that post, that we are able to discount every possible version of Brexit except these last sixteen now laid out before us.

“Now we are down to sixteen, I’m sure it could be as little as three or four years before we can agree the definitive way forward.”

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Voter Michael Jones told us, “Who knew that putting a tick next to the box saying ‘Leave the EU’ would be so entirely ambiguous that we would waste three years trying to define what that even meant.

“It’s almost like offering such a poorly-defined answer to a complex question was a thoroughly bad idea.

“Of course, Theresa May definitely helped to clarify matters by spending two years saying ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

“At least today, as the process draws to a close, we are finally in a position to know what Brexit actually means. Well, unless it’s one of the other fifteen options that gets chosen, obviously.”