Ku Klux Klan quick to distance themselves from Hard Brexiters

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After news that a number of hard-line Brexiteers have started to refer to themselves as ‘Grand Wizards’, members of the Ku Klux Klan have been quick to disassociate themselves from the group.

After a century of building up what they see as a ‘level of credibility’, the KKK is concerned that an association with the likes of Iain Duncan Smith, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson could leave their reputations in tatters.

Current Klan Grand Wizard Billy-Bob Williams was the most vocal in his rejection of the ideals of the hard Brexiters.

He told reporters, “We in the KKK have a long and glorious tradition of being associated with petty mindedness, bigotry and racism – so to see us being associated with such simpletons and liars is of great offence to us as an organisation.

“We have great belief in our mission, we are not in it just to try and make a few bucks. Frankly, we’re pretty sure even ERG doesn’t believe what they’re saying these days.  We might be racist nutjobs, but even we can see Brexit is a terrible idea.

“And dropping clues you might be racist to get racists to vote for you? That’s low man. They’re making those of us that genuinely don’t like immigrants – and are happy saying it publicly – look really bad. Own it, for f*cks sake!”

Billy-Bob was asked if there were any current British politicians he actually admired, to which he answered “very few”.

“That said,” he added, “I really liked Theresa May’s ‘go home’ immigrant vans from a few years ago. She seems like a really classy lady.”